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Zeltiq Cool Sculpting

The latest novel treatment for targeted fat melting is Cool Sculpting by Zeltiq. Using the principles of fat cells being sensitive to cold, this FDA-approved non-invasive technique literally freezes the fat cells to death!

The treatment involves suction of the treatment area into the device (this numbs the skin to the discomfort of prolonged exposure to cold). The skin is then cooled to a temperature which kills the fat cells. The fat is then removed from that area by normal physiological processes. Results are seen over the subsequent few weeks. It is said that each treatment kills 20% of the fat cells in the area. The treatment can be repeated for better results.

As the area treated is limited by treatment head size, it is only suitable for targeted contouring, not overall slimming. However, the lack of chemicals, injections and surgery makes this a very attractive option for people looking to just tidy up the odd lumpy area.

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