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Liposuction Regulations in Singapore

Liposuction is a procedure that is strictly regulated in Singapore. The guidelines came into force in November 2008. The Singapore Medical Council and Ministry of Health has mandated that:

  • Doctors wishing to perform liposuctions in their clinics have to be on a special register
  • Sedation must be administered/monitored┬áby an Anaesthetist or Registered Staff Nurse with the appropriate training in Anaesthesia
  • No obese patients can undergo surgery in a clinic setting
  • Maximum fat extraction of 1L per session in clinic operations
  • Clinics must have a minimum level of equipment/safety requirements
  • Singaporeans requesting liposuction must undergo a 7-Day cool-off period between initial consultation and operation date (no financial commitments can be made during this time)
  • Operations to remove fat volumes larger than 1L must be done in a hospital operating theatre
  • Hospitals are authorised to grant individual doctors operating rights

The regulations are regularly audited by the Ministry of Health so as to ensure patient safety during liposuction procedures, and additional precautionary measures introduced as needed. All accredited doctors are required to comply to continue their liposuction practice.