Simply Aesthetic

Waterjet-Assisted Liposuction (WAL)

Waterjet Liposuction (WAL) was developed by German company Humanmed in conjunction with German Plastic Surgeons with the aim of improving the results, safety and recovery of liposuction surgery. The Body Jet (R) device has been in use since 2004, and has become a popular liposuction technique in many countries, including Germany, the UK and Korea. It has recently achieved FDA approval, and is now gaining popularity in the USA. We have enquiries and patients from all over the world for this procedure.

The Korean Cosmetic Surgeons have developed the technique to further reduce tissue damage and simplify the procedure technically. Re-named Waterjet-Plus Liposuction, they call this the fifth generation of liposuction. This is the technique of choice at Simply Aesthetic.

The technique was developed to circumvent the problems associated with tumescent infiltration commonly used with other liposuction techniques (standard, mechanical-assisted, ultrasound-assisted). Tumescent infiltration can cause fluid shifts, prolonged swelling, and local anaesthetic toxicity (resulting in heart arrhythmias, fits or even death many hours after the operation).