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Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber – Sonic Peel

Ultrasonic skin scrubbers are hand-held devices that emit hi-speed ultrasound waves through bi-elastic blades. The effect is to dislodge dead skin cells, thus reducing skin clogging and dullness quickly and effectively. The skin immediately looks clearer and brighter, plus superficial blackheads and whiteheads are eliminated without any trauma to the skin.

The treatment involves passing the bi-elastic blade gently over wet skin. The ultrasound energy causes the water to fly off the skin, bringing the debris along with it! It is common to see the water turn a milky white as the debris and dead skin comes off the surface.

The treatment itself is very comfortable.. a typical ultrasonic high pitch tone is heard, but there is no pain or irritation otherwise. The ultrasound waves do not penetrate below the skin and immediately adjacent tissues, so there is no risk to the deeper organs.

The blade can then be turned over and the device programmed for enhanced product penetration. Vitamin C serums are often administered through electroporesis in this manner. Other serums, including more potent anti-aging or whitening products, can also be administered in this manner.

Ultrasonic peels are thus useful for gentle yet deep skin cleansing and product penetration. Great for young skin, including congested pores. Good for anti-aging. Safe for weekly use with zero down time.