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Skin Tightening


As we age, there is a loss in skin elasticity and quality, so sagging plays a significant role in the aging face. This can be seen at various parts of the face. Forehead drooping results in a lower eyebrow and drooping eyelids and obliteration of the upper lid fold (loss of distinct double eyelids). Mid face drooping results in nasolabial folds and marionette lines. And lower face sagging blunts the angle of the jaw, producing jowls and chipmunk cheeks. The sagging can affect affect the thin skin in the neck area.

Although skin excision (face & neck lift) may be inevitable if treatments are not started early, mild to moderate sagging can be treated effectively with a number of non-surgical skin tightening techniques. Unlike surgery which just removes excess skin, most skin tightening treatments will also improve overall skin quality.

So how can skin quality improve and sagging reduce? Aesthetic technology has improved dramatically in the last few years, and with it, the ability to stimulate collagen contraction and new collagen production. When the iEllios arrives in mid 2010, we will also have the ability to increase the elastin content of the skin. So the skin will increase in thickness as well as elasticity. Both important components of youthful looking skin.

There are many ways of stimulating the skin to produce new collagen. We will determine the most suitable depending on your needs, and recommend one or more of the following:

Of the above options, Radiofrequency and Nano Perfector both produce immediate results, are painless and have no downtime. Both require a course of treatment to produce long-lasting results. Costwise, both are very affordable, with each session costing from just $250 if purchased as a package. Results are comparable to ultrasonic skin tightening devices such as Ulthera.

Naturally, the treatments are best complemented and results maintained with a good anti-aging skincare regime. We would highly recommend the TDF Anti-Aging range, and will be happy to offer samples to interested clients. Most will be surprised to find that medical-grade skincare is not only significantly more effective than commercially available products, they are also very affordable!

Skin tightening treatments will need maintenance so as to maintain the results and prevent further deterioration. Depending on treatment mode, maintenance ranges from 1 month to 2 years.