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Sculptra Treatment & Recovery Process

Sculptra involves multiple injections over the areas of the face that requires lifting and volumising. To minimise discomfort, a thick layer of anaesthetic cream is applied half an hour before the procedure begins.

The injections are swift, and a hint of the final results visible after the procedure is completed after just 10-15 minutes.

Massaging is essential immediately after and for 5 days after the treatment. Five times, for 5 minutes each, for 5 days. This helps the product to be spread evenly over the entire treatment area.

The excess volume from the injection solution is gradually absorbed over the next few days. The residual Poly-L-Lactic Acid is gradually broken down into carbon dioxide and water over the next few weeks. Before it is degraded, it stimulates new collagen production, and the results of this start becoming apparent after 6 weeks, reaching a plateau after 10 months.

The face is reassessed after a month to see if additional injection is required. Often, 2-3 sessions are needed for optimal results.

sculptra treatment zones


Side Effects

  • Injection related: bleeding, pain, local redness, bruising and swelling. These generally resolve after 2-6 days.
  • Tiny palpable non-visible lumps may occur 6-12 months after the first treatment. Massaging the injection area after the treatment can minimise their occurrence.
  • As with all injections, there is a small risk of infection