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Plastic Surgery

Although aesthetic treatments and technology have advanced significantly in the last decade, there are times when plastic surgery is still needed for the best results. Contrary to popular belief, maintenance and care is still needed for the results to last. So over-eating with no exercise after liposuction guarantees weight gain… in unusual places! And sun exposure, lack of good skincare plus smoking will accelerate aging after a face lift.

But ultimately, there are times when we should just head to a Plastic Surgeon’s office, instead of trying non-invasive methods. These include:

  • Eyelid surgery: to create double eyelids or when eye bags are huge with lots of loose skin
  • Face Lifts: excessive amounts of loose skin, particularly in the neck area (only mild to moderate laxity can be treated by machines & injectables)
  • Abdominoplasty: when there is severe skin laxity after massive weight loss or pregnancy, skin tightening treatments probably won’t be very effective
  • Breast Augmentation: machines can produce a small increase in cup size and fullness, but many sessions are needed (often 15 sessions every other day), with regular maintenance. There are no permanent non-invasive options. Formal surgical augmentation provides permanent results with fewer limitations on cup size.

Do note that Plastic Surgery carries a degree of risk and downtime, so full discussion of benefits with your selected Plastic Surgeon is essential to ascertain whether the proposed surgery is right for you.