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Mole Removal

Moles are benign clusters of melanin (pigment) containing cells. There are various types, some protrude from the skin, others are flat and have deep roots. Some are big, others are small. Moles can appear at any age, and are usually benign. So mole removal in such situations is usually purely for aesthetic purposes.

As long as there are no signs of malignancy (suddenly increase in size, change in appearance, bleeding), simple mole removal techniques suffice. And this would be the destruction of mole tissue either by cautery or laser. All have the same result, which is removal of mole. No technique is better than the other.


Each treatment takes less than 5 minutes, and is rendered painless by local anaesthetic injections. After the treatment, anibiotic cream has to be applied for the next 5 days. A scab will form, and when it falls off about a week later, the skin may look pink. Sun exposure at this time must be avoided, as the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is high. Any brown discolouration that appears will fade, but this may take several months. Whitening creams will help the skin return back to normal colour more quickly.

Should there be any suspicion of malignancy, or if the mole is very large, skin excision and biopsy is preferred. For this, the mole will be cut out and the resultant scar sutured closed. The mole is then sent to the labs for formal histology and elimination of cancerous change.