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Metabolic Stimulation for Weight Loss

Many chronic dieters as plagued with a low metabolic rate. After years of near starvation, the body has adapted to survive by clinging onto fat and cutting the basal metabolic rate. Eating less and exercising more is no longer effective for weight loss.

The problem lies in the body adapting itself for survival in circumstances of famine. When the calorie intake is inadequate, the body turns to survival mode, which means using protein for fuel and preserving fat stores. The protein is obtained from muscle. With less muscle in the body, theĀ  basal metabolic rate drops, so any attempts at eating normally in future will result in weight gain. Hence the term yo-yo dieting was coined to describe people who rapidly regain all the weight lost during diets and gain more after.

Metabolic Stimulation

One way of losing weight is thus to kick-start the metabolism. We can do this in two ways:

  1. Thermojet Morfologic which uses the principle of Thermolipolysis to stimulate the local fat metabolism and trigger a global increase in metabolic rate for the following 3 days
  2. Ion Magnum which builds muscles, the metabolically active component of the body. Each session is equivalent to about 10 hours in the gym and burns 5000 calories.

These can be used in isolation or in combination for synergistic benefits.