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Mesotherapy simply refers to the injection of drugs into the skin at the area requiring treatment. The technique has been used to treat a wide variety of conditions ranging from pain, to infections, to cosmetic treatments. The agents used and depth of injection determine the results obtained. The targeted treatment allows a smaller dosage to be administered exactly where it is needed.

Mesotherapy has been practiced since the 1950s in France. It is so established that it is now part of the French medical school curriculum. The technique reached International recognition with the increased popularity of mesotherapy for fat melting (meso-lipo, lipodissolve).

It is now used for a variety of aesthetic treatments: fat melting, body sculpting, face lifting (meso-lift, meso-glow), whitening, body rejuvenation (cellulite, stretch marks, lifting sagging skin, lifting sagging breasts & buttocks, spider veins) and stimulating hair growth from premature hair loss.

Mesotherapy is a very safe procedure if done by a trained doctor in a suitable environment. Unsafe practices in certain parts of the world involving the re-use of dirty needles and the treatment being done by non-medical personnel (hairdressers and personal trainers) have resulted in skin infections and the banning of mesotherapy in those countries.

No-needle mesotherapy techniques are increasing in popularity. The technology induces the pores in the skin to open, and the drugs are forced through into the deeper layers of the skin.

Although practiced widely in Europe and parts of Asia, certain countries such as Singapore have effectively banned the practice due to the lack of safety and efficacy data in medical journals.