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IPL Treatment for Skin Rejuvenation

IPL treatments remain popular for skin rejuvenation, as the broad band light emitted can be filtered to treat various as pects of skin ageing. Used purely in the rejuvenation mode, the light is absorbed by the haemoglobin the blood and the heat absorbed by the skin stimulates a new collagen production. The lifting/facial contouring effects are most visible when used in early ageing. Once the sagging gets more severe, lifting is insignificant with IPL.

The major benefit of IPL treatment is the ability to reduce pigmentation. Different setting are used for whitening, and the target chromophore is the melanin in pigmented spots. When the pigmentation absorbs the IPL energy, the melanocyte cells heat up and die. This is often associated with a darkening for the first few days before the pigmentation drops off. Results can be most significant after the first treatment.

Spider veins & broken veins can also develop with age. IPL can be used to target enlarged vessels such as these, and get them to shrink. A course of treatments is usually required for this.

IPL treatment tends to target the more superficial layers of skin, so deeper lesions may not respond to well. This is also why the skin rejuvenation effects are only really significant in early ageing.

Although there are no regulations in Singapore that confine IPL treatment practice to doctors, this is a treatment best performed by a doctor who is experienced with this procedure. The best results are obtained by careful delivery, ensuring adequate overlap between shots. The quality of machines also varies, with doctors usually using medical-grade devices, whilst beauticians may use inferior machines from China. The latter may not be as effective, and the risk of burns be greater than medical devices.

Doctors can also best advise if IPL is the correct treatment for your concerns and ensure that IPL is safe for your skin type. Used well, IPL treatments are great for skin rejuvenation.