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Anthelia Efficient Pulsed Light IPL

Manufactured by French company EUROFEEDBACK, Anthelia Efficient Pulsed Light IPL is the result of 13 years experience in the manufacture of IPL technology.

Holder of 17 patents, Eurofeedback maintains its quality by basing its research & development activity, as well as its manufacturing plant in France.

The Anthelia IPL emits a spectrum of  light which is broad and sufficiently variable to adapt to the various applications (rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentation and epilation), with each configuration corresponding to a specific wavelength of light.

The principle usually used for depilation, by the pulsated light, is to send a red penetrating light through the skin, which will be absorbed by the melanin of hair follicles and transformed into heat.

The temperature reached at the base of the hair is such that a coagulation of the papilla and sheath will occur, resulting in the final death of the hairs in the anagen phase (eliminated at 100%).

The other hairs being in phase catagen or telogen will not be affected, thus will continue their cycle of growth; for this reason several meetings are essential to arrive at a satisfactory result.

It should be noted that the use of lamps flash of bad quality can have an opposite effect that required. Indeed certain machines can cause paradoxical hair stimulation, i.e. to transform the sleeping follicles into hairs!

Anthelia IPL

EUROFEEDBACK’s Patent on the Photoepilation of White Hairs

The traditional process of IPL photoepilation can only be applied on black hairs. All other IPL machines can in no way function on the white or blond hairs, as they do not absorb the emitted light.

This process is protected by a world patent and is exclusively reserved to the users of the Eurofeedback machines.