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Flat Abs & 6 Pack Abs the Easy Way


Flat abs can elude even those who are slim and those who exercise regularly. 6 Pack Abs are are a dream for many. With modern sedentary lifestyles, it seems sensible to find new ways of getting perfect abs. Yes, cheating!

Many people are dissatisfied with their fat tummies. This includes even incredibly slim people and those who have had abdominal liposuction. This means that tummies may not be flat even if there is very little surface fat. This is because the overall tummy size has a number of factors:

  1. Fat under the skin: pinch the skin to see how much fat there is. Skinny is less than a 2 cm thickness.
  2. Poor tummy muscle tone. Breath in and your tummy magically reduces by many inches? Join the many who just let it all hang out. Tone up the core strength, and your tummy will magically flatten out.
  3. Internal fat around the visceral organs. This is the most dangerous type of fat that is associated with an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes, etc.

Obviously exercise is the best way of getting flat abs. The core muscles are strengthened, skin fat reduced and internal fat burned up. And you get cardiovascular fitness and flexibility too.

6 Pack Abs

BUT, exercise is time consuming, and most people don’t have enough time to dedicate to such luxuries. These are exactly the same group that thought liposuction would be a quick fix, then discovered the results were not perfect. So what can be done in the limited time available to speed up the process?

Our solution is power muscle building with the Ion Magnum. It targets all 3 aspects of tummy trimming, so with even sessions, you’ll get flat abs. On average, 10-20 sessions are required, but the really

slim will see the toning effects immediately, get flat abs fast, then move towards building 6 pack abs.

As each session of the Ion Magnum is equivalent to 10 hours at the gym, the results are accelerated, yet natural. The treatment is painless. All you feel is the tummy muscles contracting strongly. At the end of the session, the muscles continue to buzz for an hour or so, and the toning effects continue to develop over the next 1-2 days.