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Ion Magnum

Effortless Power Muscle Building System

The Ion Magnum signifies a breakthrough in effortless athletics, It delivers a high definition signal in multiple frequencies that can be combined to offer all the benefits of a full professional workout aiming both for Hyperplasia and Hypertrophy.

The Ion Magnum procedure is delivered in an on—off method necessary to allow ATP levels to replenish. The overall treatment increases strength, speed and busts through “sticking points.” Specific padding creates an antagonist effect where, for example, chest and back padding increases the power of the triceps, even though no padding was applied to the triceps.

Being effortless, the procedure never reaches Anaerobic Threshold. Hardly any Lactic Acid is produced, minimizing the workload of the lymphatic system that has been vigorously activated by the muscle contractions to filter and remove invading microorganisms and other foreign particles. Excess interstitial fluid is returned to the blood relieving the body from any edema. Fat soluble vitamins are transported to the venous circulation for nourishment.

In a nutshell, effortless body building is paralleled by intensive detoxification, balancing out interstitial fluid and providing nourishment to the entire organism. The overall experience combines enhanced confidence, health and wellbeing.

The Ion Magnum has all the advantages of a complex signal that tunes into the intercommunications of the biological organism. Hence, it participates with the bodily functions without disturbing them. Causing disturbance would alert the system to treat the signal as an intruder. An alert places the system in a state of war, concentrating its resources to fight against the threat. A signal identified as an intruder has forever lost the opportunity to be in synch with the organism.

On the other hand, a signal that tunes into the intercommunications of the organism forms a fortified dynamic whole with the most important biological processes, enhancing their overall functioning in a manner in which it would not have been possible prior to adding the Ion Magnum signal. What can be accomplished by the Ion Magnum is a harmonious interaction with biological processes that goes beyond what biological processes can accomplish on their own. It gives that extra energy boost that elevates strength and enhances sports performance like never before.

This dynamic interaction of signal and organism reflects the concept of quantum coherence, the view of biological intercommunications like the instruments of a grand jazz band. When Newtonian physics gave way to quantum theory at the very small scales of elementary particles and to general relativity at the large scales of planetary motion, the static, deterministic universe of absolute space and time was replaced by a multitude of contingent, observer-dependent space-time frames. The concept of mechanical objects with simple locations in space and time was replaced with delocalized, mutually entangled quantum entities that carried their histories with them, like evolving organisms.

Molecular Biology unveils the body as a micro-cosmos of elements fulfilling their functions, doing their own thing while being perfectly in step and in tune with the whole. From this macroscopic point of view, the focus in evaluating a signal shifts from simply the quality of the signal to encompassing the quality of interaction between the signal and other bodily processes.

This is why signals designed to burn, cut, interfere with the organism like lasers, botox, etc, can never get as far as the “in synch” signal designed to enhance bodily functioning, such as that of Ion Magnum.

Lasers see the body as an obedient static entity that will change to fit the goals of the intruder. Their perspective is heavily influenced by Newtonian Physics. Technologies such as the Ion Magnum see the body according to Quantum Coherence – an entangled organic whole where each part is free and as much in control as it is sensitive and responsive to its dynamic counterparts. It is both free to explore and create its possible futures and in synch with the needs and processes of all other elements forming the biological organism.

The Ion Magnum is the science of the future and a pioneer in Healthy Anti-aging.