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Integrated Weight Management

No single answer promises a magic solution to the problem of obesity. The body is built to survive, so evolution has developed multiple ways of hanging on to fat, however much we want to get rid of it. In order to win the battle of the bulge, a multi-pronged integrated weight management is essential.

With every attempt at weight loss, the body destroys precious muscle, hence reducing the basal metabolic rate. As a result, with return to normal eating habits, the weight rebounds rapidly, and usually goes up even higher than before!

Thus simple fat destruction techniques without looking at basal metabolic rate stimulation and methods of appetite control (avoiding starvation and over-eating) are essential.

Personalizing a diet program is also much more precise when an individual’s food intolerances are taken into account. There is evidence that eating trigger foods can either lead to weight gain or an inability to lose weight. But each individual’s intolerance profile is unique and changes with time. Often, it includes healthy foods such as pepper, lettuce, whole grains (gluten), soy… Finding out your intolerance profile is simply done through a blood test and the sample sent for ALCAT Food Intolerance Testing.

So for effective weight loss, a combination strategy is often the best, combining the use of metabolic stimulators, muscle builders and targeted fat destruction, with elimination of problem foods.