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Hair Treatments

Current beauty trends dictate that we should have a full head of hair, but none anywhere else. So it is extremely distressing for many to find a loss of their crowning glory, matched with a jungle growing elsewhere! Even if premature balding or excessive hairiness is not an issue, most prefer clean armpits for hygiene as well as aesthetic purposes.

Hence a host of treatments have been developed to restore our crowning glory and eliminate hair everywhere else.

With hair loss, prevention is always better than cure. Once the scalp is hairless and shiny, the only solution is hair transplantation. So at the first signs of hair loss, treatment should be aggressively sought to prevent further deterioration. Doctors often prescribe Minoxidil or Propecia with mixed effects. Other non-prescription topical solutions generally do not fare well. One of the few exceptions being XL Hair from Aesthetic Dermal, which contains a combination of vitamins, minerals and growth factors in high enough concentration to be effective. Lifelong maintenance is obviously required for the results to last.

For those seeking a smooth body, things are much simpler. Waxing provides a temporary solution. Light therapy permanently kills of hair follicles by targeting the melanin in dark hairs. IPL tends to be the more popular than lasers for hair removal. Both requite an average of 5-6 sessions done about 6-8 weeks apart to kill off over 90% of the hairs. Sparse fine hairs may remain, but this is usually acceptable. Further treatment may, of course, be undertaken for better results.