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Tightening Loose Skin


The quality of an individual’s skin reduces with age. The amount of collagen and elastin reduces, so the skin becomes thin and inelastic. Just as the elastic of our favourite pajama bottoms loosens and stretches, so does the skin on our face. As the eye area is particularly delicate, the deterioration can occur in this area more quickly than elsewhere on the face.

With a loss of elasticity, the skin starts bulging below the eyes. This is exacerbated if there is water retention or protruding fat pads. Fat pads are seen as distinct lumps most commonly in the inner eyebag area. There are 3 fat pads under each eye, and in rare circumstances, all 3 are enlarged and bulging out. The bulging is more even if it’s water retention, and in this situation, the size can change depending on salt intake and time of day.

As with skin in any other part of the face, the skin under the eyes can be tightened too. Options include Radiofrequency (RF) and Nano Perfector. With the Derma RF device, in particular, not only can we perform standard skin tightening, we can also use resurfacing to maximise collagen production. With standard RF, some degree of fat melting can occur too.