Simply Aesthetic

Reduce Puffy Eyes


Sometimes it’s not eyebags per se, just a general puffiness around the eye region. Without a specific target to treat, our usual injections and machines aren’t useful. Puffiness is often a result of poor circulation in the eye area. Some say this is due to toxin accumulation.

Previously, we were unable to help such individuals. Recently, we were introduced to a home care system that combines the vascular strengthening effects of Vitamin K and Arnica, with the skin rejuvenating effects of pure collagen. This treatment involves the application of a Vitamin K/Arnica serum twice daily, together with the use of a special eye mask. The mask is made from pure collagen and infused with whitening agents, to brighten and hydrate the eye area. Initially applied twice a week, maintenance goes down to 1-2x a month after just 4 weeks. The unique property of this mask is the way it absorbs completely into the skin during the application process.

The results are often a reduction of puffiness and dark eye circles. As this is seen immediately after the first treatment, it is easy to pick the responders to this simple home care treatment.