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Melt Fat Pads

There are 3 fat pads under each eye that can potentially enlarge and cause bulging eyebags. There is a genetic component to this, and the condition can begin fairly early on, and worsen with age.

There are 2 theories as to why this can happen. Some say that the fat is present to cushion the eyes, but weaknesses in the muscles allow the fat to herniate through. The other theory is that the fat is always there, just increases in bulk.


Regardless of the cause, it is important to treat this condition early. If allowed to progress, not only is the bulging unsightly, the constant stretch will also cause an increase in skin laxity.

This is one situation where surgery has major advantages over non-surgical techniques. If treated early, the fat can be accessed via a small cut in the conjunctiva, so no scars are visible. If allowed to progress to where skin laxity is moderate to severe, then skin excision is necessary for best results.

As surgery does have some obvious downtime, many will choose non-invasive options in an attempt to arrest the situation. Radiofrequency does have some far melting properties, so this is our technique of choice for those desperate to avoid surgery. Not only does RF melt fat, it can also tighten up loose skin, which makes it particularly useful in early stage cases.