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Filling Hollow Tear Troughs


With age, the effects of gravity on the face are multiple. As the cheeks are pulled downwards, the flattening of the upper cheeks can give the appearance of eye bags. This is an illusion, exacerbated by the casting of shadows into this hollow tear trough area.

A problem that can start appearing in early adulthood, this phenomenon is particularly common in those with slim, flat faces.

The treatment is simple. By increasing the upper cheek volume, the hollowness will disappear. With a smooth contour between eye ad cheek, the appearance of eyebags will also reduce.

There are 2 ways of filling in the tear trough area: hyaluric acid fillers and Sculptra. Both work by increasing volume, but in different ways.

Hyaluronic acid sits in the treated area as an injected implant. Results are immediate and can last for up to a year. This is great for instant gratification. Potential side effects are pin point bruising and swelling. When injected in the correct area (over the cheek bone as opposed to into the eye socket), the procedure is safe. Gentle massage prevents the formation of palpable lumps.

Sculptra is a relatively new facial injectable, which increases facial volume by stimulating new tissue production. It comprises tiny particles that stimulate new collagen production. One of the main areas of injection is in this delicate tear trough region. An added advantage is it can be used to reconstruct the entire cheek too. Although the correction is to final results during the procedure, the facial contours return to normal after a couple of days. This is because the Sculptra is injected as a very dilute solution. It’ll take a few months for the final results to be seen, but these can last for up to 2 years.