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Nose Reshaping Injections


Have you ever wished for a different nose? Something that is more in keeping with the harmony of the rest of your face? Many Orientals have short flat noses, and desire a taller, sleeker model. However, Plastic Surgery is not suitable for all, and many would prefer a non-surgical option, especially when they can participate in the contouring of the nose.

Enter nose reshaping injections, the 5-minute nose job! Using hyaluronic acid fillers, volume can be added to the nose, from bridge to tip, wherever needed to improve facial harmony. As the injection volumes are small, the results are easy control. Plus you will be given the opportunity to check the results as the procedure is performed, ensuring the final results are pleasing.

For the majority, a single 1ml syringe of filler is more than adequate for the task. In this area, results generally last up to 6 months. Top-ups can be done to maintain the new nose shape.

Side effects are few. Some pin point bruising and swelling can occur. This generally lasts just a few days.

Please note that this procedure is ideal for flat noses or those with notches. It can help balance off wide noses, but really does nothing to slim fat noses down. Surgical decompression is still required for that.