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Nasolabial Folds & Marionette Lines

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Naso-abial folds and marionette lines are folds around the mouth area that occur with age. The combination of weakening skin, loss of facial volume and gravity results in these signs of aging.

The most straightforward treatment is the use of dermal fillers to lift up these lines. The results are immediate and last for about 6 months.

In the ideal situation, additional fillers should be considered for the upper face too, however, this is really up to each individual’s comfort level. Many are happy with filling around the mouth area only.

An alternative to injectable fillers is the use of lifting technology to ease the tissues back towards their original position. The results may not be as glaringly obvious as straightforward filling, but the benefits are more general, with a general lifting and improvement in skin texture. Naturally, a combination may well produce the best results.