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Skin Tech Easy TCA Peel

This is a highly effective medium depth peel that is well tolerated by the skin. It is applied in 4 weekly sessions. There is little downtime and you can continue with your normal activities.

This versatile chemical peel can be used for the following conditions:

  • Rejuvenation: erase fine lines, lifting
  • Sun Damage: solar lentigo, solar keratoses
  • Pigmentation: Melasma, Post-Acne Pigmentation
  • Acute Acne, including severe cystic acne

This means that virually all skin conditions can be improved with this simple peel. We control the results by prescribing the appropriate creams from the Skin Tech range for maintenance. Most clients love how their skin looks and feels after the course is completed. Prior to the acquisition of our rejuvenation technology, this was the mainstay of our skincare service. It remains a quick way of controlling pigmentation, acne, skin texture and other issues, with easy maintenance (creams). As it needs only be repeated once a year, it is extremely cost-effective (and time-effective) too.

For more information & before/after photographs, check out the Skin Tech website: Skin Tech Easy TCA Peel.



Standard protocol involves the application of up to 3 coats of the solution with cotton buds. We are looking for the appearance of little frosting spots to show that the peel has reached an adequate depth.

When the peel is being applied, you will feel some tingling which is tolerable, particularly when cool air is blown at the same time.

Once the frosting appears, we apply a post-peel mask which is unique to this particular peel. This mask is full of substances that protect your skin from excessive inflammation and stimulate rapid recovery. The stinging sensation from the chemicals will stop once the cream is applied.

This cream should be left on till the next morning.