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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is the bane of many women (over 90%), even those who are extremely slim. With lifestyle and genetic components to its development and severity, cellulite responds poorly to weight loss and exercise. Because the female hormone Oestrogen plays a key role in the development of cellulite, this conditionis much less common in men, but they can get it too!

There are two stages to cellulite development ; the first is tissue congestion, the second is cellulitus. Stagnation occurs when fat cells get enlarged, which in turn causes septa — fibrous structures — to tighten, resulting in a dimpled appearance.

This produces a skin texture likened to orange peel or cottage cheese when squeezed. In severe cases of cellulite, the dimpling is visible all the time. This can be extremely disfiguring and distressing to the many who suffer from this condition.

Many creams are available on the market that claim to treat cellulite. The effects are often slow, and many ladies give up before getting any significant improvement. Home treatment is made even more difficult if stubborn fat is present in that area too.

Many have hoped that a healthy diet, high in nutrients and fibre will help to ease their cellulite problem. Exercise and a high water intake has also been attempted as means of reducing cellulite. Unfortunately, there is little evidence that lifestyle modifications can have much impact on the condition.

Common treatment options involve lymphatic drainage (with Endermologie or similar devices) and the use of ultrasound to destroy the fat.