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Head Massage at Ramani Fernando Salon

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The flights from Singapore to Colombo are killers… My favourite¬† Emirates flight leaves at 1 am and gets into Colombo at 2 am, which is equivalent to 4.30 am according to my body clock. Cruel to say the least, especially since there is no chance of a lie-in in the morning.

But I found a great treat to help my poor confused body to get over the jet lag… slip into Ramani Fernando’s Salon at the Hilton Colombo Residence for a quick head massage! Okay, so the Sri Lankans generally use this to combat hair loss, but hey, who’s going to complain about a healthier mane of hair?

The massage is done in the hair styling area. Warm olive oil is applied all over the scalp, then the hair stylist works his magic! Within a few minutes, I was drifting into dreamland, the sure sign of an excellent massage! Once he completed his ministrations, the hair is steamed for about 10-15 minutes.

I was then led to the washing area and the oil shampooed off. He then quickly blow-dried my locks and sent me on my merry way, tension removed from scalp, neck and shoulders!

Treatment: Head Massage

Cost: Rs 1500


Ramani Fernando Salon
Hilton Colombo Residence
Union Place, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.

Telephone : +94-11-2300631/2