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Botox Eye Bag Treatment


Botox is one of the tricks we use to remove eye bags without surgery. It is specifically useful for one specific type of eyebag: orbicularis hypertrophy. This means the muscle around the eyes is thickened from excessive squinting, a problem that is common amongst the severely myopic Singaporean population.

With orbicularis hypertrophy, a bulging is seen immediately below the eyes when the person smiles. When she stops smiling, the area smoothens out. This can start from a very early age, so many will report the presence from childhood days.

The treatment is simply injecting 1-2 drops of Botox under each eye. Within a few days, the muscle becomes weaker, so the bulging is no longer apparent when smiling. As only a tiny dosage is used, the smile remains natural looking. For older clients, an added benefit is the reduction of fine lines under the eyes.

Although the thought of injections so close to the eye is frightening, this is an area where numbing cream works particularly well. So most feel virtually nothing, and the procedure is completed in less than a minute!

As with all Botox treatments, the results will only last about 3-4 months initially, following which, repeat treatments will be required.