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Biomesosculpture with Diamond Liposculpt

Biomesosculptureâ„¢ with the Diamond Liposculpt uses a system which creates a reduction of visible cellulite and congestion anywhere on the body. It stimulates the extra cellular matrix or the fluid substance just under the skin, to treat the first stage of cellulite, which is stagnation, and the second stage which is cellulitus.

Biomesosculpture is a painless and swift detoxification procedure that enhances your entire face and body without invasive surgery. Using principles based on the old Chinese art of cupping, this modern technology increases microcirculation to remove the congestion under the skin. The results upon clients show rejuvenation (brow lifting, improved chin and jaw line definition), cellulite reduction and fat loss. Breast enhancement, buttock lifting, stomach rejuvenation and stretch mark improvement have also been observed.

Diamond Liposculpt reduces stagnation by improving tissue circulation and infusing a luscious chocolate cream blended with pure plant botanical herbal and homeopathic extracts into the skin. This cream is anti-inflammatory and aids in toxin elimination. This is a comfortable treatment that effectively reduces cellulite and fatty build up on the face and body.

The accumulation of toxins in the extra-cellular matrix disrupts normal cellular function and is believed to be a major cause of cellulite. The Diamond Liposculpt machine is effective in the reduction of stagnation and promotion of lymphatic drainage.


Permanent Results

Clinical studies based on before and after MRI scans show a consistent reduction of fat for the patients treated for abdominal obesity. Fat destruction, whether by liposuction, mesotherapy or any other treatment, produces a real fat loss that is considered permanent.

This same clinical study has shown effective fat reduction in the region of 5 cm in 5 sessions, sometimes more. Safe enough to use on a daily basis, Diamond BioMesoSculpture can result in faster fat reduction than either mesotherapy or liposuction, without significant adverse effects.

Gentle fat disruption with simultaneous lymphatic drainage all via the same treatment head results in swift reduction in fat content without the pain of injections or surgery. The treatment is 100% safe usually with no adverse reactions at all!

Hence Biomesosculpture is effective for:

  • Spot Reduction
  • Reduction of Cellulite
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Buttock Lift
  • Waist Reduction
  • Hip Reshaping
  • Stretch Mark Reduction
  • Stomach Rejuvenation


Biomescosculpture is available at:

Simply Aesthetic- Colombo 7, Sri Lanka