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Aesthetic Doctors

Aesthetic doctors are medically qualified professionals who offer treatments that help their patients look younger and/or have more desirable physiques. Previously primarily within the jurisdiction of Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, these treatments are now offered by doctors from all Specialties, most frequently General Practitioners and Obstetrician/Gynaecologists.

As the number of treatment options, particularly aesthetic technology, is increasing so rapidly, most aesthetic doctors will focus on a few key areas of interest, which could be lasers or liposuction or skin whitening, acne, etc.

The aesthetic treatments could be offered alongside these doctors’ normal services, eg women’s health or family medicine, or the doctors may open dedicated aesthetic centres which offer beauty and wellness services only.

Choosing the right aesthetic doctor should not be based on price alone. Although seeking help in these matters is often a private matter, it is still good to get personal recommendations from friends, so as to discover which aesthetic doctor is best for you. Much as we would all want to be physically perfect in every way, the chances of your friends having had some help in this area is pretty high in this day & age.

Most aesthetic treatments also require a few sessions, plus maintenance. So it is essential to find an aesthetic doctor that you can get to easily on a regular basis (sometimes 2-3 times a week is needed in the initial stages!). So consider clinic operating hours (is it open weekends, evenings), location, public transport/parking as well as whether the treatments available are suitable for your condition.

Then most importantly, make an appointment to see the aesthetic doctor. Does he/she spend time talking to you? Is the clinic clean? Is the proposed treatment within your budget? Are there any trial sessions?

Finding the right aesthetic doctor takes times. But once you do, this is someone who can look after various aspects of your beauty/anti-aging care for many years.