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Teenage Acne

The first signs of skin eruptions occur as early as age 10. Teenage acne is associated with the hormonal shifts as puberty approaches. It affects most teenagers, in varying severity.

Most teenagers are very self conscious about how they look, so controlling their acne outbreaks is vitally important during this time. Ignoring their skin health can lead to social isolation and permanent scarring.

Acne Skincare

Off the shelf skincare products are often enough for control of mild acne. However, in more difficult situations, medical help is definitely advisable. Acne is not difficult to control, given the right combination of treatment.

Clean skin twice a day using a gentle face wash. Do not use ordinary bath soap as it is too drying. Do not use just water as the dirt and grime will remain trapped in the pores. Washing twice a day (morning and night) is enough, unless there is good reason otherwise. Excessive washing dries the skin out, stimulating greater sebum production, thus aggravating acne formation.

Choose non-comedogenic skincare products. These are creams that do not clog up the pores and cause or worsen acne.

Sun protection is critical. A “healthy” tan can mask the pimples, but actually aggravates the skin inflammation and worsens the dark spots left behind after the pimples heal up. There are sunblocks that are non-greasy and absorb easily. These are ideal for daily use. We recommend Bellewave’s UV Smart which has SPF 30 and PA +++ protection, is non-greasy, smells nice and is matt tinted (no white slick on the skin!). It also contains antioxidants for added protection.

Professional Treatment

Chemical Peels are often used to kick-start the treatment process. These help unblock the pores, reduce the hyperpigmentation, and draw out the toxins from the skin. Various peel options are available. The Easy Phytic Peel from Skin Tech, in particular, has no downtime at all, so your skin just appears to be recovering miraculously without any medical treatment!

Radiofrequency can also be used to aid in acne management. Radiofrequency dries the skin up from inside (less oil production means less clogging and acne). The Derma RF device has the added advantage of being able to eject comedones and blackheads with the rejuvenation mode (no extractions necessary), close up the pores and help the inflammation (redness) heal up. Resurfacing can also be done to reduce shallow acne scar depth.

Home treatment with good skincare products and a selection of creams, including prescription Vitamin A (such as Differin Gel) and antibiotic creams (Dalacin-T or Eryacne) are vital for maintaining results. The prescription for skincare may seem excessive initially, but every component helps in the speedy control of acne. Once you get into the habit, applying the creams no longer becomes a hassle. Medical-grade skincare just replaces the components purchased off the shelf. The TDF acne range fs comprehensive, effective and affordable.

Oral treatment with tablets that reduce the effects of fluctuating hormones (particularly androgens) often help in difficult or extensive cases (ladies only).

Oral antibiotics may be needed, but often unnecessary. We have treated difficult cystc acne without needing to resort to the use of Roaccutane, hence avoiding the major health risks associated with this drug.