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Cleane Acne Therapy Device

Even the most comprehensive acne treatment regime is not foolproof. The odd spot is likely to pop up every so often, whether it be due to stress or hormonal fluctuations. This is where Cleane comes in.

Combining Blue Light and Thermal Shock System Therapy, the Cleane Acne Therapy device is set to bring another level of control to acne management.The technology acts by killing the Proprioni bacteria that cause acne resulting in rapid control of skin inflammation.

Cleane Acne Therapy Set

Cleane is a handheld device, slightly larger than a lipstick, so easily portable. Simple to operate, this device can be used repeatedly for up to two years. Recharging is straightforward, either directly into a socket or via a USB connection to any computer. There are no consumables. Applied directly on acne spots, each treatment takes just 2.5 minutes, and the pimple clears up within a day.

The most effective way to treat a pimple is to use Cleane as early as possible.

The Cleane Acne Therapy Device gives 90% treatment effect within 24 hours and is:
  • Rapidly Effective - Only 2 minute 30 seconds of one application gives rapid treatment effects within 24 hours.
  • Safe - No side effects, no Scars during Treatment.
  • Convenient – Small, compact and easy to carry around, useable in anywhere, any time.
  • Economical - Quickly charged (45 minutes), no change of treatment tip (price-competitive).
  • Painless – Just feel a tolerable heat from the treatment tip as it is applied onto the acne spot

How Cleane Works:
  • Cleane uses new BT technology to remove the causative microorganism within acne (propioni bacterium), clearing the skin of pimples.
  • Cleane delivers Blue Light Ray and Thermal Shock to the affected area, inducing hetropeptidic protein reaction ultimately leading to clearer skin.
  • Cleane works against propioni bacterium acne best when it is treated at the initial or intermediate stage. If your acne is more serious or widespread we suggest you consult our doctor before usng Cleane.