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Back Acne


Even though Back Acne may be less visible than common facial acne, it can be equally distressing to those affected. As it usually affects the upper back, ladies with this condition feel embarassed about wearing strappy tops. Back acne also commonly leaves dark pigmentation that persists long after the acute inflammation has gone.

Back acne can be treated with the same creams as facial acne, but the area is large and relatively inaccessible. Hence a slightly different approach is required.

As with the treatment of facial acne, chemical peels can be used to get the situation under control. However, residual pigmentation in this area tends to respond poorly to such treatment. So it may necessitate some IPL to reduce the dark blemishes after the acne is controlled.

If creams can be applied, they are great for maintenance. However, most can only cope with using a body wash specifically formulated for acne-prone skin, an AHA lotion, and the application of back masks.

We can prescribe oral medication too. The usual antibiotics and spironolactone work as well for the back as they do the face.

Back acne can be controlled, but it often will take more persistence than facial acne. A combination approach with  professional treatments and a combination of pills and creams will offer the best way of getting faster results.