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Acne Treatment with Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are an excellent way of managing acne. Most people want their acne to resolve quickly, and have all signs of acne disappear too.

Chemical peels can help to:
  1. Reduce papules and pustules
  2. Reduce comedones & blackheads
  3. Reduce pigmentation
  4. May help shallow acne scars become less apparent
  5. Suitable for all stages of acne

The procedure takes minutes to perform and improvement is often seen after the first session. Depending on the peel used, this can be repeated on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis to maintain the results and stimulate rejuvenation.

The combination of Easy TCA Peeling and oral antibiotics can be used to treat severe cystic acne with excellent results. Even without Roaccutane, a dramatic improvement on a week by week basis, can be expected.

Although flaking is the norm with chemical peels, this need not be visible. The Easy Phytic Peel produces microscopic peeling which is effectively invisible. The Glycolic Peel produces a little bit of flaking for just 2-3 days.  Certainly no need for social isoation or embarassment!

Sun protection is essential after the treatment, or sun burns, sun damage and an increase in pigmentation become likely.

The success of chemical peeling is also dependent on the adherence of a good skincare regime. The ultimate aim is to get the acne under control with the peels, then maintain the results at home with specific medical-grade skincare products.