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Acne Treatment Options

A combination of treatment strategies is essential for fast results. Basically, the treatment is directed towards the various components of acne formation:

  1. Sebum production
  2. Clogging of pores with keratinocytes
  3. Bacterial infection
  4. Hormone imbalance (excess Androgen)



Skincare products can regulate sebum production and produce mild exfoliation. Astringent components reduce bacterial overgrowth.


Chemical Peels

Easy Phytic Peel is a good primer for Skin Tech’s Purifying Cream. It loosens the bonds making up the skin barrier, allowing the deep penetration of a reservoir of Purifying cream. Daily application of the cream then maintains the results. This peel is comfortable in application and does not have any redness, flaking or skin peeling associated with it. Treatment can be repeated once a week to control severe acne.


The Easy TCA Peel is also excellent for the treatment of acne, particularly when associated with hyperpigmentation. This requires 4 treatments, spaced a week apart. Sometimes there is worsening of acne before improvement, as toxins are drawn up towards the skin surface. We have used this, in combination with oral antibiotics, to treat severe cystic acne. Although there is flaking associated with this peel, the improvement is significant on a weekly basis, so the individual looks much better by the end of the month, and continues to improve thereafter.

Glycolic Acid Peels are commonly used in the management of acne. By stimulating skin exfoliation, it reduces follicular plugging. Monthly maintenance is needed.


We have recently started to rely more heavily on the use of radiofrequency in the management of acne, particularly where there is a lot of inflammation involved. We have found the redness associated with acne can be very resistant to other forms of treatment, even chemical peels. With radiofrequency, there is modulation of the collagen, drying of the skin (less sebum production) and gentle peeing with evacuation of comedones and bloackheas without the need for extraction. This series of treatment options is only available with the Derma RF radiofrequency system, which even has a resurfacing head for reducing acne scars. The improvement is steady with each session, but there is no downtime associated wth this treatment.

Prescription Drugs

Tablets can be prescribed to reduce the effects of male androgens that stimulate sebaceous gland activity. Yasmin and Aldactone both have anti-androgen effects.

Vitamin A derivatives, either in gel/cream or tablet form will modulate the acne process. Differin is useful in the prevention as well as treatment of acne.

Antibiotics, either topical or oral, reduce the inflammatory component of acne. These have to be taken for a number of months for best effects.