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Acne Skin Care

tdf acne range

Good skincare is critical for keeping acne at bay. A ton of research has revealed the best skincare for acne control, and this includes the daily application of a number of different products, including glycolic acid, salicylic acid and vitamin A deriviatives.

Many acne care products are available off the shelf. However, not all have been formulated with the latest research findings in mind. Often, the cleansers are too drying for acne prone skin. Although the skin does appear more matt, the sebaceous glands will revolt by then producing even more sebum, making the situation even worse!

Medical-grade products such as those from the Therapeutic Dermal Formula (TDF) range or those created by Dermatologists for Dermatologists (such as Skin Tech) will incorporate the best of current understanding of acne care. The TDF range, in particular, is extremely comprehensive, including cleansers, a toner, AHA lotions, moisturisers and masks.

Although no prescription is required for most products that are beneficial for acne care, some Vitamin A deriviatives and antibiotic creams are only available from doctors. Differin, for example, is the key product for acne control. It is proven to modulate the acne development process in a number of ways, and starts by reducing the number of whiteheads, blackheads, papules and pustules. Used every night in small quantities, this product is not only effective, but it is also extremely affordable.

Eryacne and Dalacin are topical antibiotics for application on inflamed spots. Benzac, a benzoyl peroxide product, is also applied topically and speeds up the pimples drying up.

The right medical-grade skincare is not only essential in keeping acne under control, it is also reasonably priced compared to cosmetic skincare products. Yes, the initial purchase may set you back by a couple of hundred dollars, but should last you a couple of months. Some are daunted by the number of products needed, but you will get used to it after a while, and the entire process should take less than 5 minutes each time. A worthwhile investment to prevent acne scars and embarassment, wouldn’t you say?